Easter in Costa Ofrynio: a complete guide

This year, Easter in Greece is celebrated on April 24th. Young and old alike look forward to this day, as it is an opportunity to get together with friends and relatives and have fun. The options for anyone who chooses Ofrynio Beach – Costa Ofrynio for their Easter holidays are certainly countless. It is an attractive destination at any time of the year that combines relaxation with fun.

Here are our tips for a unique Easter in our region:

  • Take advantage of the good weather and warm sunshine for a walk by the sea. There is nothing more refreshing than the Aegean breeze!
  • If you are one of the daring ones who do not wait for summer, you can do your first sunbathing or even dive into the crystal-clear waters of our sea.
  • Get a taste of the authentic Orthodox Easter. On the evening of Good Friday, the procession of the epitaph takes place, where young and old follow it with candles and lanterns in their hands. On Saturday evening, crowds of worshippers gather to experience the Resurrection, holding candles. As soon as the priest chants “Christ is Risen” the night becomes day as the sky fills with fireworks and the spectacle is stunning.
  • Each region has its own customs on these days. In Kariani of Kavala (just 10 minutes from Ofrynio Beach), “the burning of Judas”, an old custom, takes place on Good Friday afternoon and the place is filled with fires lit by the inhabitants as a symbol of purification.
  • On the days of Easter, the central pedestrian street of Ofrynio Beach – Costa Ofrynio is flooded with people and is the ideal place to take a leisurely stroll or ride your bike.
  • If you love nature, the paths of Mount Pangaio are just a breath away from the beach. If you prefer sea activities, fishing is always a good idea!
  • Make a short getaway! The Lion of Amphipolis and the Tower of Apollonia are two very good options, as they are just a few kilometers away from Ofrynio Beach – Costa Ofrynio and will surely impress you, especially if you are a history buff.
  • Do not forget to try all the local Easter and non-Easter flavors! There are two dominant ones on the Easter table: “tsourekia” and lamb. Many shops choose to stay open on Easter Day and give tourists the opportunity to taste magical Greek delicacies. Apart from food, you should definitely try some of the wines or tsipouro of our region.
  • Finally, there is no shortage of entertainment for those who want to get out and about these days, with all the shops ready to welcome customers during the day and at night with various events and live performances.

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Copyright by Kourtidis Group. All Rights Reserved.
IT. Dept - Kourtidis Group

Copyright by Kourtidis Group. All Rights Reserved.
IT. Dept - Kourtidis Group