16 new air routes at “Macedonia” airport in 2022

Thessaloniki will be “very different” in terms of tourism and air connections in five years from now, according to Fraport Greece’s General Manager of Commercial and Business Development, Georgios Vilos, who said he is still “cautiously optimistic” for 2022, disclosing that “several carriers are going to put a total of 16 destinations at Macedonia Airport this year”, with capacity and aircraft seats on offer recovering to pre-pandemic 2019 levels. “From the slots we see the intention of the airlines to have a flight schedule in Thessaloniki almost identical to that of 2019,” he said, during a workshop held today in Thessaloniki, explaining however that these new routes have not been finalized, but the intention to operate them results from the ongoing discussions between the airport’s operator, Fraport Greece, and the airlines. Mr. Vilos added that in 2022 a new airline, “Flyr” (a Norwegian low-cost airline) will “enter” Macedonia airport, while the air “bridge” from and to Croatia will be opened, with routes of “Aegean” and “Ryanair”.

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