Who we are

Costa Ofrynio Booking is the main tourist pillar of the most important group of companies in northern Greece with vision and values, Kourtidis Group. This is an online luxury accommodation search platform in Costa Ofrynio (the well-known Touzla).

We firmly believe that everyone deserves luxury holiday. For this reason, we are constantly promoting a holistic travel experience, giving the visitor the opportunity to choose among a wide variety of accommodations, depending on his needs. Apartments, houses and villas are available to accommodate the ideal holiday in each season of the year.

Our people

Costa Ofrynio Booking team is next to you in order to serve you and meet your needs. We are ready to make your stay unforgettable. For us, the perfect holidays exist and we know how to organize them for our clients. Each one of you.

The group

With more than 25 years of experience in the construction sector, Kourtidis Group is constantly developing its activity, from a purely construction company (OikoKourtidis) to commercial activity (Remax Choice) and to tourism industry (Costa Ofrynio Booking). With a strong entrepreneurial spirit, as well as anthropocentric philosophy, Kourtidis Group makes the difference in Northern Greece, by pushing the limits of development and entrepreneurship.

Nowadays, Kourtidis Group, under the guidance of its CEO, Nikolaos Kourtidis, has expanded its activity by constructing luxury complexes of unique quality, in selected areas of Paralia Ofryniou, which provide individuals with unique holiday houses and local or foreign investors with excellent investments.

Thanks to dedication, professionalism, consistency, the effectiveness of each company of the Group, managed to stand out, gain confidence and become synonymous with reliability. So, today counts more than 5000 successful purchases while has more than 1700 available properties!

Kourtidis group of companies, belongs to the leader group in Real Estate and Construction, in Northern Greece, making it a safe and strong choice.