Amphipolis: The rare phenomenon that occurs in the Kastas Tomb only during the winter solstice [video & pictures]

Something “magical” seems to be happening during the winter solstice at the Kastas Tomb, in the emblematic monument of Amphipolis.

According to the study of a private archaeoastronomy researcher, which is also verified by the excavation team of the Tomb, the monument was constructed in a very specific way and orientation, so that during the days of the winter solstice – and only these days – sunlight enters the tomb and to “wash” the whole monument, up to the last room!

It is one of the extremely rare times that, according to the indications and observations so far, something like this happens in a monument in Greece. The phenomenon occurs in great monuments such as the Stonehedge of England, where every year these days crowds of people flock to observe it, the pyramids of Egypt and more.   




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