The train in the Angitis Canyon is operating again, after a seven-year absence

With high school children from the municipality of Thermi in Thessaloniki, aged between 13 and 15 years old, the train in the Angitis Canyon, the vehicle with which more than 20,000 Greeks and foreigners toured along the river during the period 2009-2014, when its engine was switched off, is back on its route. This was stressed by the scientific director of the Alistratis Cave, Nikos Kartalis, speaking to the AP-MPA, saying that in the last three weeks, when the resumption of the train’s services became known, “our phone has been on fire with interested parties from all over Greece.”.

Representatives of schools and cultural associations and not only, from, among others, Thessaloniki, Serres, Lemnos, Kalamata, Patras, Volos, Trikala, Heraklion, Crete and Rethymnon, have already made their reservations for the next period. “And today I got a call from a grandmother who booked seats for her and her grandchildren next Monday. There is a strong interest from individual visitors as well,” she said.

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The benefits of “early booking”

In recent years, more and more people are choosing the “early booking technique” for their holidays. The reason? But of course, the multiple advantages of booking your trips early, compared to doing it at the last minute.

So, if you think summer is slow and there is no reason to arrange your summer getaway now, you should probably think again…

The earlier you book your holiday, the easier it is to save money, as there are offers for those who get organized before the start of the summer season. In addition, you have more time to plan the expenses you will incur and save a sum of money until the time comes for your holiday.

The fact that you have plenty of time to organize your excursion schedule gives you the opportunity to do it better. You can more comfortably carry out your research about where to go, the sights you will see, the restaurants you will eat at, etc.

Do not forget that by booking your holiday early, you get the best options. You will not book “what’s left over”, but you will choose the one that suits your needs.

Finally, it is much easier to arrange your holiday if you know early on when you want to go on holiday.

If all the above reasons have not yet convinced you, we would like to inform you that by booking now in one of our accommodations, you will enjoy a 10% discount!

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Almond tree: a symbol of rebirth

For us at Ofrynio Beach – Costa Ofrynio, the arrival of spring is synonymous with the blossoming of the almond tree. A large part of the local population is occupied with agriculture, with almonds being one of the main local crops. Every year at this season, the countryside is flooded with the blossoms of this plant, the landscape takes on its characteristic white-pink colour and a sweet fragrance dominates the atmosphere.

But how many of you know the legend about this plant that is found in abundance in our region?

According to ancient Greek mythology, the son of King Theseus Demophon, after the end of the Trojan war, found himself in the Visaltes. There, he met Phyllis*, daughter of King Sithon, and the two young people fell in love and became engaged.

Demophon, though, had to leave for Athens and so he separated from his beloved, who was pining away as her fiancé delayed his return to her. The gods, in order to save her from this torment, transformed her into a tree.

When Demophon finally returned to the place where Phyllis was waiting for him, he saw before him a withered trunk, and as soon as he realized what had happened he embraced it, and then the tree began to blossom. Thus, the almond tree was born, and since then it has been a symbol of love and rebirth.

*The area between Mount Paggaio and the rivers Angitis and Strimonas, according to Herodotus, was called “Phyllis”.

16 new air routes at “Macedonia” airport in 2022

Thessaloniki will be “very different” in terms of tourism and air connections in five years from now, according to Fraport Greece’s General Manager of Commercial and Business Development, Georgios Vilos, who said he is still “cautiously optimistic” for 2022, disclosing that “several carriers are going to put a total of 16 destinations at Macedonia Airport this year”, with capacity and aircraft seats on offer recovering to pre-pandemic 2019 levels. “From the slots we see the intention of the airlines to have a flight schedule in Thessaloniki almost identical to that of 2019,” he said, during a workshop held today in Thessaloniki, explaining however that these new routes have not been finalized, but the intention to operate them results from the ongoing discussions between the airport’s operator, Fraport Greece, and the airlines. Mr. Vilos added that in 2022 a new airline, “Flyr” (a Norwegian low-cost airline) will “enter” Macedonia airport, while the air “bridge” from and to Croatia will be opened, with routes of “Aegean” and “Ryanair”.

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