48 hours in Ofrynio Beach – Costa Ofrynio: 8 experiences not to be missed!

„Welcome” to Ofrynio Beach – Costa Ofrynio!

If you haven’t visited our beloved Tuzla yet… Don’t postpone it any longer!


Ofrynio Beach of Kavala is a new destination on the world tourist map, with countless options and unique beauties. For many, it is an undiscovered paradise. So, in the list below you can discover everything worth experiencing so that you can spend two enjoyable, full days in the area.


  • Let’s go to the beach

The Aegean breeze and the deep blue waters are the trademark of Ofrynio Beach. 17 km of coastline with options for everyone: from organized beach bars where you can enjoy your coffee or cocktail while sunbathing after your swim, to secluded beaches for moments of absolute tranquility on the golden sand, next to the waves.

All the shops have modern facilities with comfortable loungers and nice music which will make you feel like you are on holiday.

Don’t know which one to choose? Ask us!


  • Unique flavours

The food options are endless, as the place is ideal for gastronomic tours. Fresh fish and seafood, olive oil from local olive trees, traditional recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation are just a few of the things one can taste in one of the dozens of tavernas on the seafront. There are also shops offering modern cuisine, with meat cuts, brunch and refined flavours. And of course, as you stroll along the main pedestrian street, you can sample unique street food, doughnuts, roasted corn, crepes and ice cream for an authentic summer dining experience.


  • A Dive into the Past

The wider area of Ofrynio Beach has a long history and you can visit some of the most important archaeological sites in the country. Just a few kilometres away are the Kasta Tomb and the historic Amphipolis, with its excellent Archaeological Museum and an archaeological site like no other. The ancient Gymnasium and the Ancient Bridge of Strimonas stand out among them. On the banks of this river dominates the imposing Lion of Amphipolis, one of the most emblematic monuments of the whole of Macedonia.

A unique experience that you should not miss if you visit Ofrynio Beach!


  • Pure nature

One of the biggest advantages of Ofrynio Beach is the fact that the mountain and the sea are in complete harmony. The blue of the sea and the green of nature „paint” a truly unique landscape. Pangeo Mount is ideal for mountaineering routes on unexplored paths.

The famous Mesoropi Trail reaches the top of Paggaio, Mati, at an altitude of 1956 m. From the first steps you will be captivated by chestnut and plane trees, the succession of small waterfalls and the „Mesoropi waterfall”, 7 m high.


  • Activities for all

Cycling along the beach and fishing for those who want to „clear” their minds of worries, a 5×5 court and basketball court for the sporty types, karting, boat rides or jet skiing for the more adventurous. Of course, there is no shortage of playgrounds and play areas for the younger visitors… Ofrynio Beach has it all!


  • Pink magic

At the mouth of the river Strimonas, a stone’s throw from the beach of Ofrynio, our favourite pink visitors, the beautiful flamingos, „hang out”. You can observe them by going there or, if you are lucky, see them flying over the deep blue waters of the beach. An experience that for those who seek to meet the pink visitors will be unforgettable!


  • Nightlife

In Ofrynio Beach the nights are long… All year round, but especially in the summer when it is „flooded” with people, you will find entertainment options for all preferences and you will spend unforgettable evenings with your friends. Bars, Roof top and clubs, live music and frequent performances of well-known artists and DJs, drinks and fun until the early hours of the morning. Of course, there are also tavernas by the sea for the most romantic people and evening beach parties in organized beach bars!


  • Golden hour

The most magical time of the day is the moment when the sun „sinks” into the sea and the sky and the water are „dressed” in gold. The sunset at Ofrynio Beach is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful you have ever seen…

A picture is worth a thousand words. Of course there are also the most idyllic spots where you can enjoy it. We will always have suggestions if you need help!

Even if you don’t have time to enjoy all our suggestions, you will surely get a taste of the wonderful Ofrynio Beach – Costa Ofrynio!

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