The Monsters of Greek Mythology… in Ofrynio Beach!

Before the summer is over, before schools start, young and old alike are invited... Kourtidis Group transformed the courtyard area of its offices in Ofrynio Beach of Kavala into a small themed garden, starring some of the most impressive Monsters of Greek Mythology. The Cyclops Polyphemus, the Scylla and a Siren from the myth of [...]

Finn World Masters 2023 in the bay of N. Irakleitsa

Kourtidis Group is the Main Sponsor In the waters of the bay of Nea Iraklitsa, the World Sailing Championship will take place this year, organized by the Sailing Club of the Municipality of Paggaio. Kourtidis group, along with the award-winning real estate company RE/MAX Choice, in the context of corporate and social responsibility, supports the [...]

The celebration of Clean Monday

Clean Monday is a movable holiday celebrated 48 days before Easter Sunday and this year it is celebrated on February 27. This day marks the beginning of Lent on the one hand, and the end of Apokries on the other, and was named by the Christians, as body and spirit are "cleansed" with the beginning [...]

Costa Ofrynio Booking ranks at the top of

The Traveller Review Awards for the year 2022 were announced by, where Costa Ofrynio Booking of Kourtidis Group of Companies managed for another year to receive excellent ratings for the services of its complexes. The global travel platform honors its partners who gave their best to help travelers create unforgettable memories. Taking place for [...]