Costa Ofrynio -the beloved Touzla- has well-kept secrets for every visitor. Time goes by differently here.


At 17km of coastline, there are various choices depending on the visitor’s mood:
Organized beach bars offering coffee, snacks and cocktails, but also isolated parts of the beach for unique moments overlooking the endless blue. Lasting value, the quality of the turquoise waters and white sand.
The main advantage of Costa Ofrynio is its location, very close to one of the largest crossroads of Northern Greece.
Its connection with Egnatia Odos means that its beaches are accessible at a time corresponding to the kilometer distance, without being affected by traffic problems.

History, sights… a journey to the past

Costa Ofrynio is located between two cities that flourished in antiquity: Amphipolis and Philippi, which were connected by the ancient Egnatia Odos. The seaport of Ampipolis was Kiona, today’s Costa Ofrynio, from where the fleet of Alexander the Great set out for his long expedition in India.

On the other hand, Philippi mark the beginning of Christian Europe, as it is the first European city in which the Apostle of the Nations, Paul, proclaimed Christianity and baptized the first European Christian, Lydia.

Amphipolis, just 10 km away from Costa Ofrynio, is a reference point of the wider area. The “Lion of Amphipolis” and the contemporary excavations in “Casta Tomb” have brought the area to the center of global interest, suggesting the long and glorious history of the place.
The archaeological museum of the area but also a number of Roman, Hellenistic and Byzantine monuments, give the visitor a strong motivation to admire them up close.

Nature, environment… getaways

Costa Ofrynio is a beautiful seaside destination. Above it, stands the imposing Mount Paggaio, offering the visitor the option “mountain and sea”.

Mount Paggaio is a place of special natural beauty, included in the NATURA network, with rich flora and fauna, walking paths and caves with rock paintings. In other words, it is a real challenge for lovers of alternative tourism!

There are also two marinas in Costa Ofrynio, where you can moor sailing boats, while small boats at the disposal of the visitor in order to engage in fishing.

Flavours and culinary secrets

The “king” of gastronomy in Costa Ofrynio is the fish, which is served to the customer a few hours after leaving the sea. The area produces almonds, olives and grapes. The visitor can taste them not only raw but also their derivatives. A meal in a local tavern is cooked with extra virgin olive oil of the area, accompanied by excellent quality wine or tsipouro, produced in local wineries and supplemented with special sweets, based on almonds.

Wines and famous spirits

Our region has been famous since ancient times for the production and quality of its wine. Legend has it that the god Dionysus was worshipped on Mount Paggaio and in the prehistoric settlement of Dikili Tash, near the archaeological site of Philippi, burnt grape seeds and skins dating back 6,500 years were found! The fertile soils, the climatic conditions and the proximity to the sea favour the production of excellent grapes that produce wines with character and rich aromas. The area also offers excellent tsipouro, produced by small distillers.

Wineries, whether open to visitor or not, with international recognition, offer high quality wine that is worth tasting!

365 days of experience

Costa Ofrynio stays “open” even after… the first rains. It is an area that “lives” 365 days a year. The intense professional activity all 12 months of the year ensures that everything is available to the visitor even in the heart of winter.
Catering shops, stores, supermarkets, gas station, ATMs, polyclinic are permanently at the visitor’s service. Just 35’ away from Kavala, 40’ from Drama and Serres and 47’ from Thessaloniki, is the ideal choice even for a day trip.

Your vacation starts here

Holidays for everyone!

Ofrynio Beach (Costa Ofrynio), Kavala, Greece, P.C. 64008

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Copyright by Kourtidis Group. All Rights Reserved.
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