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Costa Ofrynio Booking is the main tourism pillar of Kourtidis Group, the most important group of companies in Northern Greece, with vision and values. It is a specialized property management company that offers newly built, luxurious, seaside residencies, ideal for summer holidays, while at the same time it transforms a holiday home into an investment property. It is an online platform for searching for luxury accommodation in the area of Ofrynio Beach – Costa Ofrynio (the famous Touzla) where every visitor can organize their holidays in an extremely simple way.

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Our philosophy is that luxury holidays are for everyone. For this reason, we constantly promote a holistic travel experience, giving visitors the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of accommodations, depending on their needs. Apartments, detached houses, and villas are available to accommodate the ideal holiday all year long.

Karl Chehab

COO Hospitality

Lithiropoulou Zoe

Reservation Manager

Kourtidis Group


Kourtidis Group is now considered a leading Greek group, with continuous investments in the wider region of Northern Greece (Ofriniou Beach of Kavala) in the fields of Tourism, Construction, Real Estate and Investments. Operating with the strategy of vertical integration, the 6 companies of the group provide a complete service package.

Ofrynio Beach (Costa Ofrynio), Kavala, Greece, P.C. 64008

Copyright by Kourtidis Group. All Rights Reserved.
IT. Dept - Kourtidis Group

Copyright by Kourtidis Group. All Rights Reserved.
IT. Dept - Kourtidis Group