“Tourism Festival by Kourtidis Group”: A new annual event was born

The 1st „Tourism Festival by Kourtidis Group”, organized by the Kourtidis Group of Companies, was a huge success, aiming to highlight important points of interest in the wider region of Kavala, Drama, Serres and Thassos. A festival dedicated to destinations that every visitor can explore and enjoy 365 days a year.

The Festival was held in the specially designed gardens of the Kourtidis Group headquarters in Ofrynio Beach on Friday the 25th and Saturday the 26th of August, with free entrance for all. It was two wonderful summer evenings for the hundreds of visitors, who through stylish stands, with pictures, projections, posters, printed material, discovered the great hidden secrets of the place and the wider region.

Blue-green seas and unique beaches, stunning mountain landscapes, archaeological sites, caves and lakes, picturesque harbours, wineries and dozens of amazing activities became the protagonists of the „Tourism Festival”.

No commercial activity was developed at the Festival, with the sole aim of promoting the region. By decision of the group’s management it was announced earlier that „in this difficult situation that our country and especially our region is experiencing with dozens of fire fronts, the event will be held without the festivities and the planned opening ceremony”.

„Through our efforts and actions, our primary goal is always the development, promotion and recognition of the place we love. Our basic philosophy is to create attractive destinations in the areas we value and are a major emerging force in tourism.

This Festival will become an annual event and was organized to support and strengthen the great efforts that have been made for so many years by the institutional bodies of Local Government for the promotion and publicity of our place” says the President of Kourtidis Group Nikos Kourtidis, who together with his Vice President and partner for many years, Constantina Dimitrova, have played a key role in changing the image of the regions they operate in.

The group’s vice-president expressed her emotion, stressing that „we feel completely justified and satisfied that the great growth of the group has contributed to the development of this historic and blessed place. Today, while browsing the stands, I too discovered destinations that I was not aware of. This is our goal, to know and love every corner of this place”.

Kourtidis Group of Companies would like to thank all those who attended and participated in this very important Tourism Festival. Participants of the „Tourism Festival” were the Region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace, the Region of Central Macedonia, the Vice-Regions of Kavala, Drama and Serres, the Municipalities of Paggaio, Amphipolis, Drama and Serres. At the same time, representatives from the Lake Kerkini National Park, the Alistrati Cave and the Angitis Gorge, the Angitis River Springs Cave, the Nestos Delta National Parks, and the Ancient Stagira of Halkidiki, The Theodoros Kokkinidis’ Wax Museum, the Folklore Art Museums of Hayati Ladia and Sarakatsani, the Lisse Fortress and the Costa Ofrynio Booking company presented and informed about the great work of their institution. Participants of the Festival were among others the visiting wineries of the region, Vivlia Chora, Nico Lazaridi, Hatzigeorgiou estate and Manolesakis estate.


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